Shoppers are browsing and purchasing online now more than ever before. Not only are they reducing their time in public places but shopping online saves time. Technology has become increasingly more efficient at making online transactions smooth. Here are just a few things you should consider when selling online:

  • Regulations
    Speak with legal experts to make sure you meet state, county, and city regulations. Many salespeople are working from their homes at least some of the time by using technology, such as video and text messaging. Verify that there is not a requirement for them to be physically present in a licensed facility to make the sale.
  • Offsite delivery
    In some places, there can’t be any sales negotiations, trade-in deals, or upselling of extra products during delivery. Oftentimes its best to not even have a licensed salesperson attend the delivery to prevent any misunderstandings. Be mindful of new commonplace protocols, such as keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask, and sanitizing yourself, your tools such as pens, and the product before its released to the buyer.
  • Security
    Exercise caution and be especially diligent during every delivery and trade-in. Consider reviewing ID, financing, and other pertinent documents ahead of time through video. Dealerships should be cautious with where and how information is sent as well as the security of virtual meetings. The nature of transactions is not changing, just the medium.

Now that you’ve thought about selling online, here are the tools you need to make it easy:

  • Selling through your website
    Ensure that your website is setup for online transactions. Depending on the platform that your website is hosted on, you may be able to turn this on in your settings or connect a simple plug-in. If you are not prepared for full transactions, then you can at least make sure that you are listing your current new and used inventory and removing units that are sold. On these pages, be sure to include the important details that shoppers are looking for: year, make, model, descriptions, pictures, photos, and more. And of course, have a form on each listing page to get those leads rolling in!
  • Online Classified Marketplaces
    There are many websites and platforms where you can easily list your inventory such as Craigslist, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace. There you can share details, photos, and more to receive leads. It can be a tedious process though as you will need to list each unit individually to each site, remove them when they are sold, and keep up with messages, comments, and other inquiries. Also, you should know that each platform has its own requirements for the inventory and information that is needed for them to be listed. The good news is, LotVantage has software that can do this all for you! Just take a peek at a few of our solutions for this. One of the most reputable places for full online transactions is eBay. This site was built from the ground up with selling in mind and it has an established audience of shoppers. Our digital marketing technology can help you with this site too!

We have developed a suite of solutions that help dealerships communicate and sell online including inventory syndication, advertising options, video marketing solutions, social media management, and marketing automation.