The warmer weather is just around the corner. That means more vehicles on the road and more sales for your dealership. And with the many changes that Facebook has gone through recently, now is the time to do a refresh of your Facebook page to make sure that it is ready for an influx of viewers.

Profile and Cover Photo

  • Are they blurry? Make sure that you are using the correct graphic sizes. Sprout Social offers a great, always up to date, guide for images
  • Do they accurately reflect your brand? Use up to date logos, colors, and fonts to create a consistent experience.
  • Pro Tip: Make sure these are not too busy with a lot of different images, logos, or small details. When they shrink down on a phone it can be harder to read or understand the images.

Page Info

  • Description: This should be a short one sentence overview of your dealership. Think of this like your tagline.
  • Categories: This determines how the algorithm sees your company and will make your page a recommendation to Facebook users.
  • Additional Information: Here you can go into detail about your dealership. Consider including information about your history, additional services, and what make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Phone Number: Be sure that this goes to reception, the sales department, or someone who can direct calls. You never know who might be calling or why, but you want to be sure to win them over. Pro tip – use LotVantage call tracking to know how successful your page is.
  • Hours: Do they change seasonally? You may want to consider updating these on a regular basis and especially any time that you update your website. Also don’t forget about holidays or other special occasions. Let your audience know when you will be closed so they won’t have a bad or disappointing experience.
  • Website: This is a main avenue for your audience to connect with you and to get more information about your dealership.
  • Email: This should be handled the same as your phone number. You want to make sure that if someone send an email, that it can get to the right department and handled in a timely manner. Often times this can accidentally get linked to a previous employee email or a company wide Gmail that is not checked often enough to be efficient.
  • Location: This is how someone will find you if they want to visit in person. Don’t miss out on walk-in traffic! You can also move the pin on the map if it is not correct.
  • Service Area: Facebook will use this to push your page in front of local users. Be sure to include anywhere that your buyers may be.

General Settings and Inbox

  • Browse through the general settings and ensure that they align with your company goals. In the past several years there have been lots of changes to these settings that you may or may not be aware of.
  • If you have not gone through your Facebook inbox in a while, you may be surprised to find many messages, comments, and even some leads. This is the main way that Facebook users connect and communicate with businesses. It is highly recommended to check this on a regular basis as you never know what you will see (good and bad).

Content and Events

  • If you have any events planned or if your industry hosts any big events it is always a good idea to add them to your page. This way your audience can see what you have going on and can plan to attend. You can also make your OEMs or any other partner a co-host for their audience to see the event as well.
  • Take a quick browse through your existing content and consider it from the perspective of your audience. Does what you are posting make sense? Is it cohesive? Is it consistent? These are all things that someone would look at when they are visiting your page for the first time. Take these into consideration as you develop your social media strategy!

This can be a great starting point for sprucing up your page at least once year, however it is recommended to do this about every quarter as Facebook is making changes all the time. Keeping your page updated will instill confidence in your audience that you are an active dealership and that they can trust you. Making them one step closer to buying!