Social media usage continues to increase. The number of worldwide users exceeds 4 billion – more than half of the entire world’s population. The average user spends about 145 minutes a day browsing content on social media sites, according to Facebook. To leverage this huge, engaged audience, you need to understand to whom you’re marketing and selling.

Finding Your Ideal Audience
Determining your target audience is the foundation to any effective marketing strategy. With modern marketing tools, analysis, and optimization, we can provide consumer insights based on key demographics of your audience, giving you the ability to mold your content and messaging to reach the right people on the right platforms. Every dealership caters to a specific, limited, audience. In turn, it is vital to take advantage of this information by developing your strategies accordingly.

For years, Facebook has been the top dog of social media with more than 2.8 billion active users each month. Although there is lots of traffic, there are some factors you should consider to optimize your use of this platform. Facebook has the option to utilize your existing customer base to generate revenue. Look-a-like audiences allow dealerships to reach new prospects that are likely to convert based on similar demographics, similar interests, and other factors from your active customers. It’s best to utilize the targeting options to make your Facebook audience larger or smaller. Consider that the larger the audience the more money you will need to spend to have the effective reach and frequency needed to influence your consumers. You don’t want your potential audience to be too small either. You want to have a wide enough base to create enough opportunities for your campaign to be effective. Quality over quantity is a great rule of thumb!

Showcase & Sell Your Inventory on Facebook Marketplace
Facebook marketplace is booming with 1 billion active monthly users. This is a prime location for listing your inventory. Shoppers are able to browse a variety of products and filter based on a variety of options. Posting inventory is a very manual process unless dealerships post through certified partners like LotVantage. With our software, you will be sure that your listings are within the Facebook usage rights. On top of that we receive the latest updates and have a direct connection with the team at Facebook. This unique partnership puts you at an advantage. We also have the ability to automatically feed your inventory to Facebook Marketplace and send the leads directly to your CRM in return. And when you add Lead Chat, our bots will capture and qualify any inquiries 24/7 so your team only has to focus on the hottest prospects.

Advertise to Your Ideal Consumer
Facebook advertising boosts your existing social media selling strategy by using Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage. On the platform, ads and paid content are pushed to the forefront above other organic content. When your ads get engagement, this creates a ripple effect for all of your other content and your page itself. You are more likely to been seen throughout the entire Facebook atmosphere. Our team of experts studies the latest strategies, technology updates, and implementation options to bring you the best ways to reach your audience. Let us put together a free custom Facebook advertising strategy just for you.

Post on Facebook Regularly
The last piece of the Facebook selling puzzle is your organic content on your page feed. Being consistent and engaging is key. Although this often takes second place to your ads, it can be a great way to stay in front of fans who have already shown interest in your dealership. Share informative topics such as news articles, videos, photos, and more. Make a real connection with your audience and start conversations, this is SOCIAL media after all. And when you are not sure what else to post, our software can handle it for you! We will take your existing database of inventory and share it to your page within a predetermined set of criteria.

Want to see how you stack up to the competition on social media? We offer a FREE social media analysis to give you an idea of where you’re doing well and where you can improve.