Research shows that more than 90% of shoppers explore online before making a purchase. This means that digital shelf space is more valuable than ever before. If you are not showcasing your vehicles on eBay then you are missing out on opportunities to reach potential buyers.

Over the years eBay has made a name for itself as a way for buyers to connect across the world with sellers to find unique, specialty, or hard-to-find goods. Mainly known for its auctions, this site has become a powerhouse for selling vehicles.


Prepare the vehicle

  • Gather pertinent information such as: VIN, sale and service history, title
  • Complete any legal requirements: smog checks, vehicle inspections, taxes, etc.
  • Register with eBay
  • Make sure that its clean and in a ready-to-sell state: Inflate the tires, vacuum the interior, wipe down any high touch areas
  • Snap photos: interior, odometer, VIN, exterior, damages, upgrades/special features, engine

Create Your Listing

  • Auction vs. Buy Now vs. Best Offer
    • Auction has a chance to be higher than expected but may not sell(recommend having a reserve)
    • buy now is a guaranteed sale but usually less than optimal price
    • Best offer can be a good compromise but opens the doors for low quality leads/offers
  • Add features: photos, details, and description

Maintain your listings

  • Adjust pricing as needed if you see a need based on interest
  • Address offers that come in, be sure to keep an eye on the time limits
  • Keep in mind that auction pricing tends to go up towards the end


If you are new to eBay selling, it is recommended to start with 10-20 vehicle listings so that you can easily maintain the inventory as well as see what is working for your dealership. You can then tweak the listings if needed to make them more effective. When you have figured out what works, you can slowly increase the inventory. It is also recommended that 50% of your inventory be made up of your new vehicle franchises brand, and 50% competitive make or conquest brand. The recommended amount of days to list vehicles on eBay is 7 to 10, but they can be listed for longer.