First impressions make all the difference and in a digital world it can be hard to really showcase your inventory at a glance. In fact, buyers will simply skim your listings about 80% of the time according to research. so the question becomes, how do you make a good impression quickly?


Well take a dating site as an example, What’s the first thing to catch your eye about someone? The hook is typically their photos, then its their description that gets you to click and learn more about them. The same goes for your inventory listings! Want buyers to fall in love with your vehicles? Then its time to spruce up those photos and descriptions, and here’s how to do it.



Images of your inventory is what really draws the eye and makes you stand out from your competitor. A dark, blurry photo may draw attention but for all the wrong reasons. First make sure that you are using photos of the actual inventory and not a stock photo. This would be like someone using a model’s photo on our imaginary dating site. Its obvious that is not what they are going to get and it can lead to them not trusting anything you present.

Get cleaned up. Before going on a first date, you would be sure to take a shower, put on your best clothes, and spray on a good scent. So give your vehicle its best shot as well by prepping it for its photoshoot. Wash it, vacuum it, and wipe down the details like the dashboard and tires.

Natural light is your wingman! Get that vehicle outside if possible, or at least near a window or open garage door. Having natural light on a sunny day will automatically make your photos appear brighter. And check your surroundings, you don’t want a dumpster or anything else unsightly in the background. Putting the vehicle in front of your dealership or in front of your lot can be great options.

Marketing Proposal (2)

Grab your cellphone and take some steps back. You want to be far enough away to get the whole vehicle in your shots. Keep in mind that many websites such as craigslist and eBay will automatically crop your photos to their standard dimensions so be sure to leave lots of room for that to happen without cutting off a piece of your vehicle. Snap away! Be sure to take a photo of each angle: front, back, left right. A 3/4 quarter shot where the vehicle is slightly angled always makes for a great first photo! Go up close on any details, damage, or upgrades.

Once you’ve got all the photos, be sure to go through and pick out the best ones. Although the more you have the better for a shopper to get a good idea on what they are buying. You may even consider doing a little editing. Adding brightness and contrast can help, but remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t want your photos to seem fake!



This is really your chance to make the magic happen and seduce your shopper into becoming a lead.  Your first sentence or two is where you should place the most important and intriguing information. Not everyone who reads the description will get to the end of it so lead with the good stuff and then get into the details as you go along. Think about this from the viewpoint of a shopper and consider “what sets this particular vehicle apart”. This is what you should be sure to point out!

Not only do you want to highlight the vehicle but also your dealership. Showcase the features of your dealership that would make the buyer want to do business with you and not your competitor. You can also take a lifestyle approach by making the vehicle relatable to the viewers life. You could write something like “dependable family vehicle for taking the kids to school”. Make sure to include keywords that someone would search for such as make, model, year, geographic location, and even “car for sale” or “used motorcycle dealership”. And don’t forget to include any specific upgrades, accidents, damage, or any recent service for the vehicle.


So get out there, snap some photos, and tell your vehicle’s story. With a beautiful photo and a detailed description, you are sure to get a lead in no time. And if you’ve got this down pat, then give us a call to get your vehicles listed on the most popular classified marketplaces online.