Empower Your Clients to Attract More Customers and Boost ROI from Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Air Strike’s LotVantage Partner Program enables organizations to become single source providers of customer experience solutions for their clients.

Inventory Management

Inventory Merchandising

Customer loyalty and profitability start with sales. Digital Air Strike’s automotive inventory merchandising and advertising solutions give you the power to supercharge your clients’ inventory strategy with technology that drives targeted shoppers to their vehicles on top sites from search to social.

Google Vehicle Ads

Stand Out In Search

60% of vehicle buyers start their search on Google, and we have the tools to power your clients’ presence, so they stand out from the competition.

NEW! Google Vehicle Ads put your clients’ VDP front and center where shoppers look first. Featuring inventory in the premium automotive advertising real estate of the Google Vehicle Ads carousel keeps shoppers engaged and connects them directly to your dealer’s VDP where they can close the deal.

Google Business Profile keeps inventory availability consistent, current and out front in search on your client’s Google Business Profile. Showcasing available inventory alongside pricing, store information, reviews and a human to contact is next-level in today’s all-online retail world.


Google Vehicle Ads
Social Content Creation

Reach In-Market Consumers on Social Media

Technology that targets your clients’ in-market consumers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and promotes their business to drive quality traffic and generate meaningful engagement.

VDP Ppwer Social

Get More Traffic to Dealerships’ VDPs

100% mobile ads that target in-market shoppers on Facebook and Instagram delivering double opt-in leads to auto, motorcycle and RV dealerships’ VDPs to keep your clients’ targets relevant and accurate.

VDP Ppwer Social
Amazon Network Streaming

Streaming Ads & Inventory with Amazon Insights

Highly targeted advertising that leverages Amazon insights delivers more leads, sales, and better ROI. Digital Air Strike’s digital marketing strategies, technology, and solutions put your clients’ businesses, brands, and products in front of new consumers in their target audience and retarget warm leads. Targeted streaming ads reach shoppers wherever they are online and on streaming services (over-the-top advertising).

Advertise Online

Advertise Online

By utilizing our proprietary data sets we target in-market shoppers across hundreds of sites with a variety of solutions including Display, Pre-roll, and Video Advertising.

Advertise Online
Social Review

Stand Out In SEO with Google, Social Media, Review Site and Business Listing Management

Boost your clients’ searchability online by increasing their online reviews and optimizing their business listings on Google and on social media.

Review Site Management

Customer Feedback & Reputation Management

Digital Air Strike’s expertise combined with performance-driven technology generates customer engagement that counts. Enable your clients to turn review sites into powerful lead generators by producing more 5-star reviews with personalized responses to positive and negative reviews.

Review Site Management

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